Higher education in Italy and Spain
Higher education in Italy and Spain
Representatives of High education in Italy ans Spain will be present at the World Education Fair and will be able provide you with detailed information about their institution.
In addition, next to one-to-one meetings with delegates, you will be able to participate in workshops and presentations on education related topics, as well to benefit from special discounts and many other excellent offers.
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Italy is undoubtedly the pearl for education abroad, especially if you rely on modest finances and your dream is to receive deep knowledge in the field of design and arts. In addition, a huge plus of studying in Italy is the weather - the climate is great, traveling within the country is highly affordable and Italy is an incredible tourist destination. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are not many programs that are fully taught in English, but Italian is not difficult to learn and it is a wonderful language.
The duration of the undergraduate programs is 3 years and of the master's - 2. The tuition fees in public universities are between 850 and 1 000 euro per year for bachelor studies. It’s also important to keep in mind that most universities in Italy have different scholarship programs, mainly based on academic achievements as well as on the financial status of the student's family.

Spain is becoming an increasingly well-known destination for education abroad as it offers affordable, innovative and research-based studies combined with the wonderful climatic conditions typical for the country. A key factor is the increase in the number of degrees taught entirely in English. In addition, Spanish universities rely on hands-on training and have partnership contracts with a significant number of start-ups, where students take on interesting internships during their studies.
The duration of the undergraduate programs is 4 years and of the master's degrees- 1 or 2. Tuition fees range from € 750 to € 2,100 a year for a bachelor's degree and between € 900 and € 3,300 a year for a master's degree. Most universities in Spain have different scholarship programs: based on 1) final results from a high school diploma, 2) academic achievements during studies, 3) social status, 4) fellowships from partner organizations, 5) exchange scholarships, etc.
At the “Spain and Italy” table our consultants will provide you with detailed information about the application process, the various universities and programs available, the funding and accommodation options as well as you will also find answers to the most frequently asked practical questions about studying in Spain.

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